Maybe I Should be a Happiness Coach?

Explosive evidence:

Dunno’, never been in the coaching business before. Who am I? An artist in trouble? Yup. We artists get framed all the time, lol.

In my mind, “coach” or “counselor” are not accurate-enough words for what I am offering because I am not a “How To” personal-life coach.

What’s offered here is not a course, not a lecture, nor counseling-by-Skype, either. 

Visualize yourself in a trip up the Himalayas. You’re climbing sheer cliffs. You have a printed route to the top (Step 4) in your hand, but you’re not making much progress. Only a few people are on Step Four. And, they’re able to stay in that Step Four alignment. You’re stuck. Now, I am putting out my helping hand to pull you up. 

You probably have skeptical questions. 

Q: Can you prove that you’re really in Step Four happiness? Abraham says that someone in that alignment gets very special treats from the Universe. Prove that you can “walk your talk”. Prove that you’re not just a “talking head”. Show me the “hard evidence” of your Step Four alignment/vibration.

A: Yes. 

Explosive evidence:

People (mostly total strangers, and two psychics) detecting my “high vibration” and unusual abilities:

Q: Who says that you have the ability to lead or to inspire?

A: Someone in Vancouver who commands $$,$$$ to deliver a single speech. A real-life hero:

Q: Are you crazy?

A: Hahaha. Here’s what a mental-health counselor says: 

Q: What are you really like, in your heart? In your soul? But, I want to hear that from someone else, not from you.

A: Love it! That’s a great question! Here, hear it, see it: 

Also, see what Rohan Singh recalls about my “person”: 

Q: Why do I need to hire a “mountain guide”, not a mountain goat, for the Abraham Hick’s Law of Attraction?

A: When I was in university getting a business degree, I founded two ceramic factories, and experienced this — that to be an “entrepreneur”, I had to know more than my production managers. Someone who isn’t already in Step 4 can’t pull you up that Step.

Q: Can you show me solid proof, hard evidence, that you took someone to Step 3 happiness really quickly, with your positive Step 4 activities?

A: OK, I’ll dance to that. At 55 seconds, on YouTube:

Q: Can you show me a YouTube video where your “positivity” influenced a would have been a group situation; something really unusual, that I won’t see everyday?

also at

Ever seen anyone dance in the middle of a casino?

(Read the Description, for an explanation.)

Retailing is a tough business with Amazon taking over commerce. But, see how a busy store operations manager finally laughs at the fun she had, at the end of this video, in about a minute, after I took her for a ride? 

Now, the subject of this blog is Happiness.

Please ask me to prove, with **hard evidence** that I am an “expert” on “happy-ness”. 

Here is explosive proof, no pun intended, that I’m in Step 3 alignment, which as Abraham Hicks teaches, requires happy-ness (not busi-ness):

Abraham Hicks says that when you’re in Step 4 — well — perhaps you should hear her directly on YouTube. I believe I am in a “high-flying disc” i.e. Abraham’s “Step Four”, and here’s my proof: (This is not a talking-head video. I haven’t found anyone else in the world who has shown anything like this, as evidence of the Law of Attraction.)

Anyone looking for a “coach” should ask for bona fides.

Here’s mine: Why a real-life hero who commands $15,000 for *one* speech, now “highly” recommends me, to inspire ..

Please phone me.

(Don’t email or text me. Emails aren’t reliable, anyway, according to James Veitch, who knows more about email safety than Homeland Security, so I don’t open ’em. ) 

Oh, one more thing.

Hear what Abraham Hicks says about un-happy people, in her hotseat workshop video’s, all free, on YouTube. Very wise, very profound, and 100% accurate.

So, why did the chicken cross the road? Abraham answered that question, too!Have a happy day! Or, if you’re dining right now, have an appy day!



You can refer to me as your Ascent Expedition Leader, but not as an Abraham Hicks Law of Attraction guru. Don’t think of me as a life coach, spiritual weather forecaster, a career map-reader, a powerball winning lottery ticket getter, or a Donald Trump, or a game of thrones legend. I don’t supply a spiritual goo (glue) that will aid your flight from Step 1 to Step Four. I don’t provide directions, workshops, or lectures.

Here’s what I will do: I will pull you up from the dead pool of failed attempts up to a consistent Receiving Mode aka the Replenishing Mode aka the State of Allowing aka the Receptive Mode. Along the way, we’ll make some great clips of your evolution to Step4, which is the Continuous Replenishing Mode. How? By translating Abraham Esther Hicks’ words into real-life interaction — visualize this as more than just simply downloading YouTube to the MP3 player in your happy wheels, because we are going places, not just play word games. I am going to lead you up Step 4, totally Suicide Squad and Taylor Swift. Abraham’s tapes can help you with healing, but I’m not a healer, nor a spiritual coach. 

Q: What’s the price of this? Bitcoin? 

A: It won’t be a cheap flight. Look around. Is there anybody else who has provided hard evidence, i.e. video’s, of their Step 4 Living? Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher maybe? No, not even Selena Gomez or Wonderwoman. 

Q: What should I bring? Bitcoin? Good news about North Korea? 

A: None of that. Just an app for Restaurants Near Me, lol. If you only speak Mandarin, then, a translator, dictionary, and a thesaurus. Don’t worry about the weather. The Universe will take care of that.

Q: Why are there some Esther Hicks skeptics out there?

A: That is none of my business. I’ve been a member of several Abraham groups and observed that only less than 10 people are clearly in Step Three i.e. the “high-flying-discs”. People who have to go back, again and again, to Abraham’s {or other inspirers’} workshops may have not succeeded in staying in Step Four. I don’t have any need to go to workshops or seminars or read books. What Abraham Hicks stated is 100% accurate for me. As a man of science, and advanced observer (according to a mental-health counselor), I vouch for Abraham Hicks as Infinite Intelligence.

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